Compete ONLY with yourself.

Compete with yourself only. Don’t compare yourself to other people or their achievements. There will always be someone, smarter, better and richer than you. Comparing is a waste of time and emotional energy because we usually compare ourselves to people who have more than we do. We could just as well compare ourselves to those who are less fortunate than us. But both exercises are a waste of time. They prove nothing, except that we are not the best or the worst.

Comparisons result only in frustration and negative thinking. Neither of which build your self-image or confidence. The only competition were the 500 million sperm cells you competed with at your conception. You won that competition. The others died. Now it’s you against yourself. To be all that you can be.

If you compare yourself with others you may set your goals too low. Your potential is not the potential of the person next to you. Each person has a different purpose, both in career and relationally. Focus on doing your best, on doing all that you can to release all that is inside you, keeping your life balanced and serving others unselfishly. What you have or don’t have, compared to others, is of no significance. You are your own person with your own strengths.

Be all that you can be. But if you absolutely can’t resist comparing yourself, then compare yourself to those who are less fortunate than you, and be grateful for all you have.

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