Recognition of Prior Learning

  • Why do we do RPL?

Here are some of the reasons why RPL is done:

  • To redress the historical disadvantages like exclusion of many people from education and training because of regulations used by institutions, exclusion from certain jobs of certain population groups, etc.
  • To validate people’s skills and knowledge
  • For broader development of individuals
  • To facilitate access to jobs and progression in career paths
  • For recognition in terms of grading and pay/salary
  • For planning through skills audits
  • To promote employment equity
  • If I cannot speak English, can I go for RPL?

Yes you can, depending on the requirements of the qualification or unit standards you want recognition for. The RPL policy states that:

“In some instances, training needs to include an explicit component on language bias, where language may become a hindrance to assessment. Particularly where candidates make use of “colloquialism” for work processes, equipment and tools. Where demonstration of skills does not require formal language skills, assessors have to be sensitive to the use of words and terms common within a particular context”.

  • How does RPL assessment differ from the other general assessment?

General assessment has got the formative and summative components. With RPL assessment, it is mostly the summative component with formative done only by a candidate where further action is taken after the advisory session. When assessing candidates for RPL, they are assessed against the same Unit standards and exit level outcomes of qualifications using the same assessment criteria as for other full time learners. What is demanded of a full time learner has to be met fully by an RPL candidate during assessment.

Assessment of RPL learners can be on a one to one basis or even on group basis just like full time learners.

Certificates obtained through RPL should be the same as those obtained through full time learning so as to prevent discrimination of the RPL candidates.

  • In the absence of providers ready to implement RPL what do we do with candidates wanting RPL now?

Depending on what these candidates want RPL for and also the level at which they want to be assessed, they can be referred to centres already implementing RPL such as UNISA, U.O.F.S. for help. ETQAs should be contacted for a list of accredited RPL centres within their sectors.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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