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  • What are providers supposed to do while unit standards and qualifications are not yet registered in their area?

Providers are encouraged to approach their respective ETQAs and declare their intention to apply for accreditation. Providers could in the meantime set up systems and procedures to meet the criteria of accreditation. ETQAs also have an option to grant providers provisional accreditation for a period of not more than two years. This arrangement will allow for quality assurance of whatever current provider programmes there are.

  • What do providers do in cases where MoUs have not been concluded between ETQAs particularly the HEQC, as this is required for registration with the Department of Education?

An MoU is meant to address duplications between or among ETQAs, which might not always affect accreditation process. In the case of the Higher Education band, affected providers are requested to approach this issue with their respective ETQAs. The HEQC has suggested different models in order to co-operate with bodies, including ETQAs, having an interest in the higher education band.

  • What support is available for SMME providers?

SAQA has published a document called Guidelines for ETQAs: Equitable Accreditation of SMME Providers of Education and Training, which put forward mechanisms and proposals on how SMME providers may be supported and assisted with accreditation and thus be brought into the NQF realm.


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