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Do learners who have matriculated have to repeat the FET language unit standards? No. However, the learners who are eligible for RPL against those unit standards need to be accommodated. I want to find an accredited provider who offers a specific qualification or unit standard. How do I go about […]

Questions frequently asked by Learners

What are providers supposed to do while unit standards and qualifications are not yet registered in their area? Providers are encouraged to approach their respective ETQAs and declare their intention to apply for accreditation. Providers could in the meantime set up systems and procedures to meet the criteria of accreditation. […]

Accreditation of Providers

Why do we do RPL? Here are some of the reasons why RPL is done: To redress the historical disadvantages like exclusion of many people from education and training because of regulations used by institutions, exclusion from certain jobs of certain population groups, etc. To validate people’s skills and knowledge […]

Recognition of Prior Learning

A Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) is a body established under the Skills Development Act (RSA, 1998c) whose main purpose is to contribute to the improvement of skills in South Africa through achieving a more favourable balance between demand and supply, and by ensuring that education and training acknowledges […]

What is a SETA?