How i feel about The SKA Project

Is it just me or does the SKA project give you a  buzz similiar to the world cup. I am super excited not just for the possibility to see ET -lol!! not the movie, but extraterrestrials. The possibility of every sci-fi movie i have ever watched to come into reality play.


Ok, maybe i am seeing SKA for my own personal excitement. I do believe we will all benefit from The SKA Project, this new project can lead to so much more possibilities than just meets the ‘EYE’. We could be the next  AREA-51? Ok, there again my sci-fi mystery mind wonders off. “Curse you Discovery Channel”.


Bare with me, The SKA Project should bring in OUR countries top scientist, interns, lab rats, not forgetting recruits. I’m hoping we will tap into the unemployed saga as well. This should create job opportunities and also allow the minds of our learners to explore there minds further than there lecture class rooms and overhead projections they are accustomed to.  Trainers will have to sharpen there pencils and get there training gear onboard.

Placing our great students in the field of this phenomenal project will not only bring our country so much more exposure along with the 7 wonders of the world, we will also become that of the universe. 







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