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Is it just me or does the SKA project give you a  buzz similiar to the world cup. I am super excited not just for the possibility to see ET -lol!! not the movie, but extraterrestrials. The possibility of every sci-fi movie i have ever watched to come into reality play. […]

How i feel about The SKA Project

The Education, Training & Development landscape in South Africa is widespread and peopled by a variety of practitioners; from Trainers to Assessors and Moderators, to Coaches and Mentors and Learning Material Developers.  That means thousands of people who practice with varying degrees of success yet there is a small group […]


Please have a listen to the video I posted – I think you will love it. I gave it the title “If you want to change your life you must change your thinking” Just click on video on the top of the home page and you will then see it. 

See the video I posted