C=M+D-A. Where C= Corruption: M= Monopoly; D= Discretion and A= Accountability

Corruption equals monopoly plus discretion minus accountability. Whether the activity is public, private, or non-profit, whether you are in Washington or Ouagadougou, you will tend to find corruption when someone has monopoly power over a good or service, has the discretion to decide whether you receive it and how much you get, and is not accountable. (extracts from my forth coming book)

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One thought on “CORRUPTION

  • Des Squire

    Hi Dr John Рwhat a lovely way of putting things. What amazes me is the attitude of denialism that exists in South Africa related to courruption and why coruption is seen to be acceptable in some quarters. As for accountability this appears to be non existant.

    Does you book deal with why corruption is so rife in Africa in General and South Africa in particular? Do you see any link to the past