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I recently received a mail from Skills Universe regarding Andy Harrington the public speaker. I was delighted to receive a free ticket (I suspect that all the tickets were free?) I have been wanting to seriously step into public speaking for some time. Its part and part of the dream life that I am creating. He was good… really good and gave some excellent tips. I was one of the bold people that volunteered to try one of his speaking methodologies regarding getting the audience to really listen, subsequently won an hour with him via Skype for couching (am still waiting for the email confirmation if anyone can help there?) What made me uncomfortable was his unabashed selling of his courses through riling the audience up into going to the back to get prizes, after getting them on stage for a reason then finding that an amount of R22 000 (or near that) to sign up for the deal that appeared to be Free? Is it just me? Or is this the norm? Did I misunderstand what he said? Despite this, I am joining the Public Speakers Association Cape Town, this IS a doorway I wish to step into and I am glad that I went!

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At the centre of my business is a practice of stillness and authenticity. I am in this business to upskill people for a sustainable future. To encourage skills development that care for our planet, people and all its diversity Through this deep knowledge of self I bring to the classroom consciousness in Facilitation and Consistent well written course material. I endeavor to make any soft skill or business skill given to me an experience beyond what the material dictates. I have a full repository of already written material available that you can contact me for. I also provide Accreditation Services. Being conscious of your actions from within simply makes good business sense now.

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6 thoughts on “Public Speaking – sticking my neck out a bit…

  • Tass Schwab Post author

    Thank you Joe, someone at the last PSA meeting said that at Toastmasters you learn the Art and at PSA how to turn that into a money generating exercise. I am investigating a few options!

  • Tass Schwab Post author

    Thank you Des, perhaps joining the PSASA would get less free and more FEE? I am joining and am interested to see if it makes a difference,there are certainly some dynamic people I have met this week at the Cape Town AGM.

  • Des Squire

    Hi Tass

    What will stand you in good stead as a public speaker is that you say it as it is – well done girl and lots of success.

    I have tried to get involved in public speaking and apart from the invites for “FREE INPUT AT CONFERENCES” I get very little else.

  • Tass Schwab Post author

    Thank you Sylvia, I was beginning to think that I had thrown out something irrelevant and too personal to mention. Brian’s group will be joined as soon as I have made this comment!

  • sylvia hammond

    Hi Tass, we always welcome the “sticking the neck out” discussions because so often they’re what other members wanted to say but weren’t brave enough. 

    One of the downsides of the international financial crisis and the fact that South Africa and the African continent economies are actually growing while the developed “western” economies are stagnant, is that we are getting more of these “hardsell” companies here.  I personally do also find that typically American charismatic, crowd hysteria, type of hard-sell, very offensive.  Typically used here for some time by the time-share industry.

    I think it’s just that South Africans must become more savvy, streetsmart and aware of how these “free” offers work.  However, for those who do sign up in the heat of the moment, I believe that under our consumer legislation we have a “cooling off” period.  Maybe someone who is up on our latest consumer law could comment.

    Anyway, I’m so glad that you joined the Public Speakers – we do have a public speaking group started by Brian van Moore – he would be a good member to make contact with.