The people of South Africa have a right to expect the highest level of ethics, honesty and integrity in the behaviour of all leaders, Government Ministers, Politicians and any holder of public office. All should be expected to co-operate and abide by policies and procedures aimed at preventing and combating dishonest behaviour.

None of the above mentioned should steal, defraud, or take any other action whereby they seek to obtain any advantage for themselves, their family or acquaintances or any other party, at the expense of the people of South Africa.

Unauthorised possession of state property is a serious breach of discipline, as is the falsification of records or documentation. All such cases should be investigated thoroughly, and should result in appropriate and immediate disciplinary action. Delaying of such action for whatever reason should be frowned upon and prohibited.

All are reminded of their common law duties with regard to their positions. These include the protection of State assets, acting in the utmost good faith with regard to the State, and not competing with the State, doing their business on the State’s time, or by acquiring any financial benefit at the expense of the State.

Where any activity undertaken by any of those mentioned, or by a member of their direct family or friends is in breach of any regulation or law and such breach is known to another it becomes obligatory by law for the person who is aware of such breach to report the same to the relevant authorities. Failure to do so is a serious offence and can lead to prosecution.

Should any of those previously mentioned be approached in the course of their work by any other party, either internally or externally, with a proposal to act in a dishonest or unethical manner then, by law, this must be reported without delay.

Policies and procedures have been put in place by Government for the specific purpose of protecting State assets, the way in which business should be conducted as well as the behavioral standards expected of all it’s representatives. Where any person through negligence or otherwise, fails to comply with these policies and procedures, resulting in losses to the State, this should be regarded as a serious breach of such, and should be treated accordingly.

All state employees, government ministers, politicians, representatives of government, representatives of various city councils etc are required to use their time in the diligent pursuit of their duties. They should not abuse any asset they have use of such as motor vehicles, telephones, photocopiers, stationary or computers. The misuse of any of the above should constitute a serious disciplinary offence.

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