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Sending Emails to a Driving Style It’s always good to be efficient with Driving Style people. They like emails that are clear, and concise. Provide key information and don’t bother with specific details unless absolutely necessary. Use bullets to clarify your purposes. State your goals, next steps and any time […]

Social Style: Tip of the day

http://youtu.be/Dzu55HixiiY I know that it is an absolute nightmare to find the correct OFO number and descriptor, have a look at this wonderful OFO tool online, that can search, convert and download OFO information in seconds. Best of all is completely FREE, go to www.myemployees.co.za and look for the OFO […]

Make OFO search very easy

The people of South Africa have a right to expect the highest level of ethics, honesty and integrity in the behaviour of all leaders, Government Ministers, Politicians and any holder of public office. All should be expected to co-operate and abide by policies and procedures aimed at preventing and combating […]