Sales Specifics

Trying to increase your sales figures at work for the month? Try this…


End of the month pressures are on and you’ve got to sell, sell, sell! And what have you got to sell? You’ve got to sell everything!


The trouble with this, however, is that salespeople often end up <b>offering the client a number of products</b> in the hopes that he will buy one or two, and end up blowing the sale by overwhelming the client with choices.


Instead, try being very specific with the client. Offer a single product or service that meets the prospect’s needs and then wait for your answer. If the answer’s “No” you can always switch to a different product that the client might be interested in.


If you try to sell the customer on your whole company, however, then the initial “No” that you hear will be the only thing you hear. Leave yourself some options and don’t bombard the client with choices right away. Be wise when dealing with clients, they are you lifeline.


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