Duplicate ID numbers – how to find out – & well done to Home Affairs 6

There are times when credit needs to be given – I’ve just used the SMS message as indicated below and immediately received a response that my ID is not duplicated and that no further action is required from my side. 

Bravo Home Affairs Department – brilliant service. 🙂  I’ve posted the BuaNews report below so that members can also check their IDs and assist employees (especially those who are not literate and don’t have cell phones) to check theirs.


The Department of Home Affairs has made public the names of 29 000 people who share their ID number with someone else – in a bid to assist those with duplicated IDs.

Home Affairs Director-General Mkuseli Apleni said at a media briefing in Pretoria on Thursday that the names of those affected had been put up on the department’s website – www.dha.gov.za – and that they would also be published in print media across the country from 8 May.

The names of those affected will be published in titles such as the Sowetan, The Star, Pretoria News, Cape Argus, The New Age, Daily Dispatch, The Herald, Die Burger, Diamond Fields Advertiser, Illanga, Volksblad, the Witness and Cape Times.

He urged those whose names appeared on the website and in the newspapers to go to their nearest Home Affairs office so that they could receive assistance.

“Due to security reasons the publication will include only the name, birth date and area of last known address,” Apleni said.

South Africans will also be able to check if they share an ID number with someone else on a SMS track and trace service. Citizens can send a SMS with the letter D (for duplicate) followed by their ID number to 32551.

They will then receive a response informing them if they are one of those affected.

“The department will be increasing dedicated capacity of officials within the Civics Branch, charged with resolving these issues so that these cases can be dealt with effectively and efficiently,” he said.

Home Affairs offices will also have dedicated counters to help those affected.

Apleni said the department recognised that duplicate IDs caused grief to a number of South Africans and was committed to addressing the problem.

The first phase of the campaign to deal with duplicate IDs will target the 29 000 people who share their ID number with someone else. The second phase will focus on the other 83 000 who have more than one ID number.

Report by BuaNews 3 May 2012

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6 thoughts on “Duplicate ID numbers – how to find out – & well done to Home Affairs

  • sylvia hammond Post author

    Hi Flora, I tried the sms before I posted the article and it worked perfectly.  The purpose of this first exercise is to identify if two different people are using the same number.

    If I understand what you’ve done I think you’re missing the point.  The point is are there two different people using the same valid number, so putting in a made-up number is irrelevant and obviously not going to respond as there are no two made up numbers as you suggest.

    The next stage is to identify where the same person has more than one number.

  • flora malinda

    Hi Sylvia, thank you for this post. I received this from a friend and I tried it, this website definitely does not work or CHECK the ID’s as it’s hoped it would. Maybe the only option is to call the number and hopefully get the information you want or the sms number given.

    I checked my number and also decided to check some of my family members ID’s and got the same response and well, I was very happy but, I just got concerned and decided to test the system if it is giving the correct, verified information. The only way I could do that is to put wrong information of this sort:

    The ID comprise of the first 6-digits, which is birth date in the format of:

    Year: 18 we now on 2012, babies born this year will be 12: using the last 2; I used 2018 to see what I will get (I realize the system could have picked up the Mandela generation – 1918)

    Month: 13 there is no month 13 only 12 months in a year… I used 13

    Day: 86 there is no day 86 on the calendar, they go up to 31… if??? I used 86… this proved to me that this is not working

    See attached picture: the first six letters of the ID I captured is: 181386 and the rest is made up. It is surely not working

    Try it, you will see… any numbers you put in it will tell you the same thing.

    To verify on your duplicate ID status, please enter your Identity Number of 13 digits

    RESPONSE: “Your id number is not a duplicate. No further action is required from your side”.

    Call Centre number 0800 60 11 90

  • sylvia hammond Post author

    Hi Tim, I’m glad it was of use.  I’m waiting for the second phase for people who more than one number – it seems I will fall into that category! Very good project for the Home Office to do.

  • timmalone

    Thank you for posting this Sylvia, my son is a victim of this – we only discovered it when he was refused a cellphone contract because of a poor credit record.

  • Mandlenkosi Zungu

    More than 29000 people share their ID Number with someone else. Its shocking. Its a very good practice that Home Affairs is working on the problem. Its True , We Need top give Devil His Due. TO Check Just SMS D followd by your Id Number to 32551. Well Done Home Affairs