NELSON MANDELA LEADERSHIP LESSONS: A Tribute to Mr Nelson Mandela (Madiba) by Prof John Chibaya Mbuya will be available on Amazon in three weeks

In this book, (NELSON MANDELA LEADERSHIP LESSONS) the following have been deliberated in great detail: Solving Team Leadership, Manage relationships with outsiders, Create opportunities for others, Create a vision, Are You Ready to be a Team Leader?, Common Problems , Matrix Team, The Knowledge Tug-of-War Game, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning, Factors Separating Teams from Groups, Roles and Responsibilities, Identity, Cohesion, Facilitate, Communication, Flexibility, Morale, Team Leadership, Team Leadership Model, Team Leadership Function Interventions, Internal Task Functions

Internal Relationship Functions, External Environmental Functions

Leadership and Developing Diversity, Why Must We Embrace Diversity?

Why Is Embracing Diversity A Challenge?, Why Do We Need To Become The Best?, What Has This To Do With Human Resource Development (HRD)?, What Exactly Does Diversity Include?, Why Does Culture Matter?, What Goals Does HRD Need?, How Does One Go About Developing Diversity?, What Are Some Pointers For Developing Attitudes?, Training Techniques, Evaluating Diversity Training

Time Management for Leaders, A Simple Time Management Plan

The Big Picture, The Big Rocks of Time, Leadership and Change

Change Acceptance, Unfreezing, Changing, Refreezing, Character and Traits in Leadership, Building Excellence, Perspectives of Character and Traits , The Image of Leadership — John Schoolland, Organizations consist of three components, U.S. Army 23 Traits of Character

Are managers leaders?, Are leaders managers?, Is Character Developed Via Nature or Nurture, Motivation and Leadership, Reward good behavior, Set the example, Develop morale and esprit de corps

Allow your team to be part of the planning and problem solving process

Look out for your team, Drive, Informed Acquiescence Vs. Value-Based Self-Governance, Counseling, Counseling Steps, Tom’s work is not up to standard, Performance Appraisals, Communication and Leadership

Communication Process, Active Listerning, Feedback, Nonverbal Behaviour of Communication, Speaking hinds, Mehrabian and the 7%-38%-55% Myth, Leadership and Direction, Planning with the Shewhart Cycle, Leading and Leadership, The six steps of goal setting

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