Daily Archives: 14th Mar 2012

So there I was – chairing another disciplinary. The iniator was doing his level best to convince me (without success) that the accussed’s infraction merited dismissal. Unfortunately – it was one of those cases of deja vu all over again. I had no doubt that the individual was a problem […]

Lessons from The Broken Window Theory

March 14 2012 at 12:21pm By Helen Grange Unless you’re a recluse with no internet, cellphone, bank card or car, you will have encountered a fraudster intent on scamming you. The more advanced the technology, it seems, the more imaginative the con. Like most South Africans, I receive an attempted […]

Beware: Top 10 scams

March 14 2012 at 09:39am By SAPA   Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba has suspended pay increases for CEOs and board members of parastatals until a remuneration policy has been put in place, according to The Times newspaper on Wednesday. “Remuneration generally of executives is quite high and it doesn’t […]

Gigaba suspends parastatal pay rises