Vote of Distrust 1

Good day everyone.

I listened to the news yesterday evening and I heard that about 700 students will go to Cuba to be trained as doctors.

Now if this is not a vote of distrust in South Africas ability to train doctors then what is??

SA have/had it’s own training facilities for doctors and some of the best doctors in the world were trained here.

Now, if our own government do not trust our own training facilities how will the outsie world trust us??


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One thought on “Vote of Distrust

  • Barbara Martin

    Hi Fanie

    I suspect this is more to do with the shortage of doctors in South Africa, coupled with the inability of the training facilities to take on more medical students than they have space for, rather than the lack of trust in our medical training here. We need more doctors here, so if they have to be trained in Cuba (where the training is supposedly very good), at least we’ll get more doctors. I just hope that their contracts state that they are required to work in SA for many years after they’ve qualified.