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PerformancePRO Business Simulator, gets participants to experience the fundamentals of what  business is about, in a fun, yet serious team building session. Participants develop a strategy, undertake an entrepreneurial start-up and compete with each other in a practical multiplayer competition. for market-share, unit sales and profits.


The BEST Business Simulator

  • Engage in playful, fun and competitive sessions of running a business.
  • Connect with your work team around the question of ‘why business targets’.
  • Learn, talk, discuss, engage with each other around issues of performance.
  • Set the scene for helpful discussions about productivity and bottomline.


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The BEST Business Simulator is a carefully constructed business skills development tool masquerading as a game. It is interactive and experientially based. It simulates real market conditions and business scenarios in the training room.

The process gets participants to weigh up information, make decisions and react to the consequences. Participants see the results of their actions and experience the thrills and spills of real life business activity.

As participants compete with each other to succeed in business, the debates get intense, decisions get weightier and the results provoke emotions of success and failure. The result? Light bulbs flash, paradigm shifts occur and vital learning points stick. Read more


The BEST Business Simulator Methodology

The Action Learning / Discovery Learning method used is experiential in nature – it is about learning through doing. By playing the simulation, participants learn lessons for themselves from their decisions and mistakes.

The methodology promotes the unlocking of confidence, competence and capability within the workplace.

The faclitation of learning points and AHA moments after the simulation sets the scene for discussions about new action and critical implementation issues.

The BEST Business Simulator provides a seed-bed of opportunity to start various conversations with staff e.g. performance, team and individual responsibility, accountability and many other elements.


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The learning benefits are clear:

  • Training time is condensed
  • Programmes are fun, fast paced and energising
  • Participants absorb content via active participation
  • Sessions are highly customisable
  • Retention is high

The great news is that action learning techniques appeal to all generational learning styles. Tap into the power of action learning to make your learning more fun; memorable; and most of all, effective. Read more


The BEST Business Simulator replicates a slice of “reality” from the work environment. It compresses time and allows participants to experiment with new tools, concepts, skills and ideas in a safe environment.

The process promotes intense engagement in ways that ensure high involvement and help make the learning content transfer to the job.

During the simulation, participants will be concerned with creating a profitable, growing business that survives. They will develop an understanding of the business purpose, how their decisions influence this and how their objectives and measurements interact.


The BEST Business Simulator learning experience covers the following key areas:

  • Business Appreciation
  • Understanding Cycles in Business
  • Business Objectives and Measures
  • Financial Appreciation
  • Client Needs and Demands
  • Client Mix and Contribution
  • Marketing, Selling, Service and Reputation
  • Forecasting and Control
  • Business Development
  • Teamwork and Negotiation
  • Presentation of Results



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