Do you have Glossophobia? 7


Do you have Glossophobia?


Sounds really serious? Are you gobsmacked that I should even ask? Before reaching for the dentists number let’s look at what Wikipedia has to say!


Wikipedia defines Glossophobia as:

Fear of public speaking

Speech anxiety

Stage fright


Wikipedia defines gobsmacked as:





So – do you have Glossophobia?


Does the thought of doing a presentation or speaking in front of your colleagues or customers make you want to run, hide or call in sick? Does anxiety, nausea or a tension headache plague you every time you need to speak in public?


Do your ummms, ahhhs and ehhhs take your listeners attention away from your communicated message? Do you use the words like and you know … when they really don’t know! Do you speak or squeak? A tense or high pitched voice is often thought of as lacking substance. Can you make good eye contact, engage with your audience and motivate them to listen to what you have to say?


Does Glossophobia lead to glossing over content and not showing the extent of your knowledge?

For more experienced speakers  …  is PowerPoint your security blanket? Or does your audience succumb to Death by PowerPoint? This is not to be confused with death by chocolate!


During a presentation up to eighty percent of our communication may be nonverbal. Switch off the sound of your TV … you will hear something entirely different. Stand in front of a mirror when you speak. You may be really surprised by your facial expressions or posture.


Presentations are a part of most business and professional people, team leaders and entrepreneurs’ lives. First impressions count. Are you able to present with confidence? Every presentation to customers or clients contributes to your organisations image.


How to get over Glossophobia?


Understanding the 4 P’s of Presentation Skills:

  1. Plan – know the audience and the overall purpose of the presentation and plan what is required
  2. Prepare – using the plan prepare the material and information. Prepare yourself by practising
  3. Present – present the material in a professional manner using your voice and body language supported by a presentation style suited to the audience and material
  4. Presentation no-no’s 


7 Important How to’s:

  1. How to manage first impressions
  2. How to use voice, facial expression, eye contact and gestures
  3. How to structure a presentation – introduction, body and conclusion
  4. How to analyse your audience – their knowledge, interest and reason for being there
  5. How to use visual aids?
  6. How to use notes and handouts
  7. How to handle questions and answers

Answer yes to any of these 4 questions:

  1. 1.       Do you have Glossophobia?
  2. 2.       Are you gobsmacked that I should even ask?
  3. 3.       Do you need to learn about the 4 P’s of Presentation Skills
  4. 4.       Do you need your first impression to be a positive, professional and proficient?

Answer yes to any of these questions – you need to book for the Presentation Skills Workshop.


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