AMSI and ASSOCIATES cc – an exciting update

I am delighted to advise that AMSI and ASSOCIATES has entered into an association with Bridgewater Learning to enable AMSI to deliver advanced e-Learning based solutions to our clients.

Bridgewater Learning is one of the leaders in e-Learning in South Africa, and has a growing number of blue chip and smaller clients. It offers a full range of e-Learning services to organisations of all sizes, enabling them to take advantage of the significant benefits of e-Learning to support their training needs.

About Bridgewater Learning
Bridgewater recognizes that many organisations would like to take advantage of e-Learning to assist in the education of their staff, clients or business partners, but sometimes don’t know how to get started or find the startup costs and effort too high. For these customers, Bridgewater reduces the cost, time, and risk of getting going. Simply put, Bridgewater makes e-Learning easy.

For those organisations who are already using e-Learning, Bridgewater offers innovative and market leading services which raise the bar on educational service and support, developing interactive courses, and providing a range of international courses.

Bridgewater Learning believes strongly in partnering with experts to assist in delivering the best value. To this end, they have joined forces with world-class providers like AMSI to bring you the very best in local and international content and services.

Initially AMSI will be offering the full Microsoft Office suite (Office 2003, 2007 and 2010) as a full package or as stand alone e-learning interventions i.e. Word, Power point, Excel, Outlook, or Access. The training will be delivered on-line to individuals at their place of work or wherever the training need is best met. This is an extremely inexpensive and effective way to up-skill your current employees or to teach individuals new computer skills.

Through our association with Bridgewater Learning, we are also now in a position to assist in developing or converting your existing training material to an e-learning format and platform for full online or blended (mixed online and face to face) delivery.

Contact Des for further information.

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