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LISA LMS has developed LISA, the Learner Information System & Assessments Online Tool for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Corporate Training Institutions. The aim of this tool is to assist Training Institutions, Facilitators, Assessors, Moderators and Learners with the everyday tasks in the Learning Industry. LISAmonitors the student from registration right through to graduation and thereafter. LISA is […]

New Software for Training Providers

The South Arrican Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the three Quality Councils agreed on level descriptors for the 10 level NQF in November 2011. To ensure that the stakeholders and the general public understand the level descriptors, SAQA is undertaking a number of roadshows during February and March 2012. Details of […]

Roadshows on Level Descriptors

Comment on this story INLSA President Jacob Zuma delivers his speech at the ANC Centenary Memorial Lecture at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town. Picture: Neil Baynes Two people have been arrested following violence during President Jacob Zuma’s ANC centenary address in Cape Town on Thursday, police said. “We […]

Malema supporters disrupt Zuma speech