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Call the rain offers HIV/Aids counselling and awareness training which is primarily presented through a ‘story-telling method’. The organisation has been recognised for its unique method of bringing the message across but its latest approach seems to be the most radical yet.


In her article Using politics to teach ARV adherence founder Nicolene Rose-Innes explains that through a process of association, communities are learning about different drugs and the importance of taking their medication regularly.


By naming the drugs after the three major political parties in South Africa, Call the rain, has made learning fun and interesting.   More importantly this approach has been effective.


Nicolene shows that association is a highly effective tool in delivering your message and explaining information in a way that people understand.


“Judging by the success of this approach, we would encourage course writers and training providers, when faced with having to teach information which is not only difficult to remember but complicated to implement, to use the power of association, even at the possible risk of treading on political toes to get results” says  Nicolene.


To find out more about this unusual training technique follow the link below:

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