I make no apology in my assessment regarding the Best Possible Training & Development that are Provided by Highly Skilled, Experts in the Private Sector Training Providers.


We however need to emphasise the importance of these Highly Skilled & Competent Private Training Providers, and how they can impact the facilitation of better results and better trained Learners to be deployed to the Economic Hub of the Country. The Powers in Charge of Education & Training need to be better informed on where the Best Skills come from, but more importantly is for us as Private Training Providers to be better equipped in dealing with the poor impressions created by incompetent advisors to the “Powers” in charge of the Education & Training of our National Human Capital Development.


We are dealing with major National & Global Economic Imperatives and we cannot sit back and allow Non Partisan People to destroy the very fibre that is destroying our Nation and our Economy. It is therefore necessary to visualise, debate openly, crucify those responsible for our demise as a growing Nation, and to advise on Vision, Purpose, Strategy & Process in order to make South Africa the Learning Nation that we must rightfully be acknowledged for by other Nations.


It need to be emphasised that we are not short of Excellent People in the Private Training & Development Sector and we must not hesitate to take up issue with the “Powers to Be” when it affects the Nation and issues of National importance. Private Training Providers are taking the criticism too “Lightly” when infact the best results and advice on progressive and well developed Training & Development Norms & Practices are understood and applied by this Sector. You as Training Providers are not giving yourself enough “Brownie Points” on how Good You Are in Supporting the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS), as well as the National Human Resources (Capital) Development Strategy (NHRDS). Thank You for your efforts in making South Africa a Proud Nation in Training & Developing the Nation, and in Upskilling our Human Capital.

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