IEB stands for the Independent Examinations Board. It is an assessment body that is accredited by Umalusi, the South African statutory body responsible for quality assurance for school and adult assessments. The IEB offers external assessment in accordance with legislation and Umalusi directives for schools registered with it at Grade 9 and Grade 12, at which point successful learners are awarded the National Senior Certificate and for adult learning from ABET Level One through to NQF Level 1.

IEB Assessment Education and Training (Pty) Ltd is accredited by the ETDP SETA to provide training in assessment. It also provides additional assessments that complement teaching and learning in schools at other levels.

The IEB actively strives to:

  • Set well-constructed, probing assessments that test the learners’ understanding of what information applies in a certain circumstance
  • Test learners’ understanding of how and why specific knowledge is applied
  • Direct teachers in their teaching to develop clear logical thought in learners with a good understanding of the subject matter
  • Communicate their learning clearly

The IEB is a recognised player in the South African education landscape, committed to building a robust system for all learners in our country. The significance of its independence now is to provide an alternate voice on curriculum and assessment matters, to contribute positively to debate on educational issues and to provide an approach that ensures that independent schools are accommodated in respect of their needs and desires within the South African education framework, for the greater good of our country. The IEB sees itself as a partner in our country’s education system, supporting that which needs to be supported with whatever we have to contribute.



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