Training & Developing for a Sustainable Economy – People Centred.

It remains a tragedy in training & developing our most essential asset, that of People Centred Sustainable Economy ?

Politicians, Business Executives and Labour continue their “Power Hungry Positions” that does not benefit the people.

Where are the genuine “LEADERS” who emphasised that “The People Shall Govern”.

Sadly to say that training & developing our Human Capital in order to Grow a Sustainable Economy is not happening. We need to seriously take Education and Training out from the Political Arena and have a more focused approach to the needs and requirements of the National & Global Economies and start to really apply our minds to what will reasonably grow our country as a World Class Social & Economic People Centred Hub.

We have the capacity and the people but what is happening to real Leadership. The country will remain divided for as long as we play Political, Business, Labour and Cultural Division. When will true Justice & Democracy step in ? When will our “LEADERS” have a real WILL & INTENT to Govern ?

When can we behave as a United South Africa Committed to bringing together a Divided Nation. Education & Training is the answer. Living in Harmony is the answer. Exposing our Society to the “Rainbow Nation” is the answer ! We have the resources, infra-structure, People that can make it happen. Government, Business and Labour appear to be Major instigators of our divide on the “Haves” and the “Have Nots”. It is sad when the Leadership Look at the Matric Results and tell the Nation that it is better than previous years. What are we measuring. Our Socio-Political & Economic development is under tremendous strain as we do not have the will, or maybe our ignorance in what this country is truly becoming.

I rest my case and I ask my Friends & Colleagues on Skills Universe to remain focused on what they do well and to support wisely, programmes of Training & Developing our Human Capital towards a “Better Quality Life for All Humanity”.

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