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COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES INTERNATIONAL is a non profit organization which operates as a global network committed to the development of communities and local economies in participating countries. CDI INTERNATIONAL has the following core strategic focus areas: RIGHT 2 PLAY        RIGHT 2 LEARN         RIGHT 2 WORK VISION CDI INTERNATIONAL is a  global  network  of  inspired  people,  driven […]


Turn cold calls Into Gold Calls is a book written by internationally acclaimed Training Professional, Clive Price plus co-author and entrepreneur, Jean Dean. It is “a pivotal book”, in the words of Brian Jeffrey, a renowned leader in this field. “This is more than a what-to-do book – much more. […]

Turn cold calls Into Gold Calls

 A time for giving, receiving and sharing A time for reflection on all that has passed A time to ponder, maybe just wonder What might have been different, what could have changed?  Reflect now and think – not of yourself Of those in your life, you love even hate Think […]

Christmas Reflections

  How far can you trace your backround? Before I embark on writing about a few areas of Makua traditions I must confess outright that I shall be unable to narrate conclusively all Makua traditions since such an experience would require years of extensive research and given my non-existence financial […]

Know the Makua people.

  Friends I have been unsuccessful in accessing the unit standards listed below, from the SAQA website.  Does someone have them on file?  If so, would you be kind enough to share them with me? I am working to a deadline so your assitance would be appreciated. 120325, 120330, 120333, 120344, […]

SAQA unit standard Access