27/12/2011 decalred Holiday 1



Whereas for some employees this might seem a good idea, for many employers holidays are associated with costs.


In essence, i fail to comprehend the rationale behind this declaration, it would be appreciated if more details are provided as to how did the presidency come to this conclusion


May be in future such developments should be attended to in advance to allow proper preparation by all affected, both  employers and employees.






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One thought on “27/12/2011 decalred Holiday

  • petrus burger

    I don’t think the deputy minister gave it any thought when he declared the 27th a holiday. It is the small businesess that that keep this Country’s Economy going and it is them that suffers the most to get all there work done in a certain time and period.

    I think an irrisponsible act like this is normally done by someboby who really has nothing to do, but collects his cheque at the end of the month, with no vision at all, of how a business operates and that certain goals must be met to, also have money at the end of the month to pay your staff and running costs of a business.


    I really think, Mr Mhlanthe, that next time you have the urge of making irrisponsible dicisions like this, to rather consult someone with more experience(brains) before you put our Country in a predicament like this.

    Businesses depend on WORKING DAYS to make ends meet, the 27th was never ment to be a holiday, some of us must work to earn a living.


    I trust that you will enjoy your holiday, I will definitely work that day.




    P B