Listening to the silent talk 1

Listening to the silent talk

Page4-8 Extracted from Free-Thin-King

It’s too much, we have to listen to our inner-voice now, this expect say this and this book say that everyone want to tell us to follow certain ways of living our own lives, because we are so desperate we just follow and take anything. i decided to be my own guru.       

This story happens secretly and quietly within all of us.

In a Regular Private Session, smooth and deep voices are heard.


The other voice (Seeidu): “Ok My Peaiques let’s start talking about this idea of yours and eventually we would get to touching issues”.


The Private Anonymous Quest Speaker –PAQS (Peaiques):

 “Yaaah monna, you are right.

I know that you have been looking for the magic for a breakthrough to your life purpose and there rose a question from the silent that said to you: ‘is it really a need for a breakthrough to your life purpose or the need to create a life purpose?’


 One thing you are here for is to create something from nothing. Your life purpose is to be your own alchemist. The first key thing is to understand that you are fully equipped with creativity, so now create your life purpose rather than to search for it because you will die searching for what you don’t have a clue of how does it look like. Go make it what you like it to be and live by it that is the high way to living a life purpose.


Well, it’s being a challenge for you to understand how to just create a life purpose and start living it rather than to imitate those who are living. The main challenge you were going through was that, how you would be able to be sure that, whatever you would be creating will be your real life purpose.

Well, firstly you have to acknowledge that you are not here to just make a lot of money, consume whatever you want while waiting a day for your death. And realize that it doesn’t make sense to be a human that which we have witnessed the fact that is loaded with creativity, brilliancy and wisdom which will just be for nothing.


Secondly understand that you got sensory acuity that would give you feeling signals for safety and danger, pleasure and pain as well as signals on progress and stagnant, this sensory acuity is the last guiding compass that is ever available with a human. Whatever action you want to manifest, requires passion and enthusiasm to happen without these twin forces of human nature; whatever you do will just be a fatal exercise.

And passion signals that, what you do is relevant and necessary for your presents in this life. So let’s clarify this; i want you to understand that whenever you do what you don’t love put passion then it will happen and when you want to be clear if what you want to create, remember you are here to crate not to do we can just use the word ‘do’ for the sake of talking.

I was talking here about how to verify if what you are to create is aligned with your life purpose, it’s easy just check if you are passionate or not then you’ll know and if not passionate but still want to continue with it you’ll have to manipulate yourself by putting some passion first.

Well, I know that secrets agendas of your world has made it so difficult for you to live by your life purpose, that you should starve to death if you insist to life your life purpose. Secrete agendas manipulated the nature of a human life to make it as if you are nothing but a clueless animal that should be trained to think in a certain way that they prefer for their own benefit, that you should do nothing else but only what is of their requirements and standards. And you should live your entire life span trying to please them. Making them to live their dreams regardless of how terrible is their mission, even if their mission is to destroy this planet that makes life liveable for everything; they don’t care so long they would have consumed best testing meats, wines, drugs  and had enough satisfaction for their sexual fantasies, that is fine for them.


I know that they have been repeatedly telling you about hard-work, which was done deliberately with the selfishness-limited-consciousness that is mainly based on the short term individual benefit of slave masters’ plan to get the job done. Hence it is hard work for any slave to do what their are not passionate of and the plan was to mentally get workers to force themselves to harshly do what they were not willing to do. And they call it hard work pays big price, and they definitely give little rewards for forcing yourself to go against your will to do what they want and they will hire highly cruel motivational speakers, performance coaches, workplace metal programmers to convince and give you manipulative hopes to get you abandon your life purpose and work like a zombie, work as if you are without blood while they easily enjoy the outcomes of your sweat. Now i want you to realize that what many geniuses that are here they don’t perform projects that you’ll love and benefit from instantaneously but to serve evolution and you might take centuries to understand their work if you are not operating on your genuine free-thin-king capacity .


You see! Your life purpose is meant to make life more liveable not to please people.


Yes! I know that your people have been programmed to crave to be pleased once you focus on that you’ll deviate from yourself to be those of the other team is of the purpose of triggering your desire for effective progression. They are also right according to the nature of the role they have to play from our primordial conspiracy of this godly game that we playing in the human uniform. To play your role serve your communities their unlimited thinking power and anyone who want to live their purpose let them in their hart, mind and spirit have the desire to make life more liveable for all life formation. I said communities, not the corporate world they are playing their own role and they got enough players, it’s only you who have to play your role. Forget the corporate money, you already got money; it is all over the place you have been focusing too much on the stick and carrot that the secret agenda use on you and you could not be able to receive the money that is all around you. You were behaving like a fish that forgot to drink water while is been chasing the fishhook and say water is so scarce because it forgot to drink while holding on its breath during the chase of the hook”. 


Seeidu said:

“Hmmm you touched life purpose! That’s my life struggle to understand just that. Let me write that you said ‘i should serve communities their unlimited thinking power and let anyone who want to life their life purpose to have in their hart, mind and spirit the desire to make life liveable for all life forms’”.


Peaiques just cut in: “What are you writing monna? Your mind is capable to capture whatever you tell it to capture but once you write you simply inform your mind to forget, all of what we are talking about here you’ll never forget because is all what your life is all about. What you forget simply didn’t touch you enough”.


Seeidu: Peaiques! Gape o gopole gore ba bohlale ba re ‘wise are those who remember on paper, because they can capture enough information and worry less about capturing too much’


Heey monna stop saying ‘babohlale ba re….’ wena ga o bohlale naa? Anke o mpotše gore gona ge mengwalongwalo yeo ya gago ge e ka lahlega o tlo dira bjang? Joo! o tlo ba o lahlegetšwe ke kgopolo klarrr. You get stuck, just like when your phone is lost you can’t call anybody for help because your memory is lost be a human. You used to remember so many things just because cell phones are here you can’t even remember the name of a person who just greeted you just a minute ago. Hmmmm……


 Well; continue Peaiques! Re tlogele di arguments”


Peaiques with a smooth voice: “Yaaah monna, onkwe o nkwišiše; yours is to listen attentively, you and i are one, that is clear, ok!. So since we happened to exist from the beginning of time, there has been so much that you asked about and I’m here to talk about all of that.



‎” There is enough space on this planet to house everyone in the World… feed them to their satisfation… allow them to fullfill their creative desires… as well as their collective needs… If everyone dedicated 5 hours each day… towards Society… with free enterprise based on non-monetary demand… but actual necessity… We could make this World a beatiful Park… with foundations built on love… and not hate… “

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