DA calls on you to help stop the Secrecy Bill


Let the President know that you oppose this bill. Ask him to stand up for ordinary South Africans and not sign this bill into law. The more he hears from us, the greater the pressure on him will be.

You can:

Download and sign Letter to President Zuma.doc , and email or post it to President Zuma

  • Email: president@po.gov.za
  • Post to: The Office of the President, Union Buildings, Private Bag X1000, Pretoria, 0001

Sign our petition to the President to voice your dissatisfaction with the bill

Call the Presidential Hotline on 017737 to lodge a complaint against it. 

Stage flashmobs in public places to protest against the rolling back of freedom in South Africa.

Flashmobs in 5 Easy Steps:


  1. Get together 15 activists (This is the number the regulation of gatherings act kicks in at, so the cops cant remove you)
  2. Choose a busy public place or media event and set a time to gather together. Keep this arrangement secret so that you catch the crowds unaware.
  3. At a prearranged time, uncover your blue DA t-shirts and cover your mouths with black gags (fabric/tape) to signal protest at the Secrecy Bill. (feel free to include placards)
  4. Post pics on our Facebook page or on Twitter using the @DA_Youth handle & the #blueflash #POIB hashtags.
  5. Spread the word!


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