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Hi all. I thought I’d warn you about some bad business practices doing the rounds.

I was contacted by a company in Durban and asked to fascilitate some courses here in Cape Town. All went well for the first couple of times. Everything that was agreed on was delivered on both ends.

However in November i was approached again to deliver a course at E-TV which i duly did as per my normal professional way. now that payment is due i’m being ignored, calls are not returned and just plain silence.

all my attempts to contact the person is in vain. the one time i did get hold of her she spun me a story that someone else was suppose to pay me.

I’m deliberately not mentioning the name of the company in a last ditch effort to get attention. E-tv is now contacting me to get hold of this person who was paid in full by E-tv but who refuses to pay me.



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22 thoughts on “Warning about bad business practices

  • Gordon Kgopang Tlhale

    Always ensure that you have a written contract signed by both parties before delivering any service. All conditions must be spelt out including how and when you will be paid. Your story does not disclose whether this was in place if this is the case then you can resort to the legal route which will be expensive but will more than not bring you desired results.

  • Nqobile Mlandeli

    Hie David.

    Good news and congratulations!!! We however hope such practices will come to an end, and by the way, everyone who gets involved on professional platforms will have to understand that they ought to be bound by ethics — and I mean Good Ethics!

  • David H. Swartz Post author

    Good morning all

    Thank you so much for all your feedback and suggestions with regards to my non payment dilema. I took everything onboard while still trying to resolve the issue amicably. 

    It went from no responses to the most unbelievable story to ………..guess what……….PAYMENT.

    I received a bank notification this morning that payment was done.

    I woould like to believe that the pressure this group suggested brought people to their senses and I thank you all for your input. I will however not be doing any work for the provider as I have been given the run-around for far too long. since payment was done I believe I did the right thing by not naming names. You can however contact me privately should you wish to verify information.



    David H. Swartz

    084 477 1747


  • Natalie Delport

    Hello David.

    I am sorry to hear about your bad experience.

    What does trouble me, is the fact that e.tv is being mentioned, which undoubtedly sets them in negative light. I have just been appointed as the General Manager for Training and Development at e.tv and although I only officially start in January, I have some senior in-house contacts that will help me to get some answers. Can you email me the full story and that provider’s contact details? natadel@webmail.co.za.

    Kind regards,


  • Nqobile Mlandeli

    This sounds challenging. So besides blacklisting or probably dragging them to court, are there any better ways of protecting ourselves against these exploiters? 

  • Rufaz M Mavhure

    Flies don’t go where egg is not broken! If you are scared to name and share your bad experience email confidentially to me.Thanks to all your inputs.After legal and other stakeholder views we will publish. Yes we are poor but let’s not be intellectually suppressed with the “HAVE”. Why claim to train and develop when practically we do not practice good business ethics ?

  • Paul Germain

    Meeting in person at least gives a “face” to the transaction but even then I have had the experience of completing the work and still there has been no payment. The excuses become endless. I am sure that many many providers and colleagues have been subject to this inexcusable behaviour….surely there is protection!!

  • Nqobile Mlandeli

    Hie David. What a bad experience! Was the deal sealed electronically or it was the normal physical way? I have a contract that i sealed with one training company which we did electronically, i am still fortunate that nothing like that has happened yet. Maybe we should now start consider meeting our contractors in person and make an effort to know their physical offices so that in such events, we can pester them in their offices. 

  • Gill Connellan

    Hi David, are you a member of ours?  As a paid up member of the ASDFSA, we would intervene on your behalf and write a letter to the company who hired you in an attempt to resolve this situation, but we cannot act without this mandate.  We do not have this situation often, but we have successfully intervened for providers and for learners in the past with a good degree of success.  Please advise. 

  • Paul Germain

    It is a great pity that you don’t name and shame. There are far too many people taking advantage of our professional goodwill and services.


  • Irene James

    What an unfortunate experience – totally unethical.  However, these rats do exist and I am all for naming and shaming.  I am of the opinion that we all keep quiet about these issues too often.  Is she accredited?  If so, report her to the SETA.  We were all promised that these unethical people would be hunted down by SAQA, and nothing has come of that. It is this kind of rot that gives private providers a bad name!   They have no conscience and are happy to take, but not give.  I trust you had a formal signed contract with her?

  • Marguerite Sacco Turner

    I don’t think you should name as yet. It’s never advisable to burn bridges. My suggestion is to keep on trying, be persistent, but if still nothing, have her blacklisted. I believe the way it is done is that she will be blocked for credit until such time as she settles what she owes you. then her blacklisting is lifted. I don’t know any more about it than taht, but it sounds like a useful way to get a person’t attention! Good Luck.

  • Rufaz M Mavhure

    It also happens with providers who engage reps on commission using own car.When they decide to fire rep for own cause or benefit,they refuse to pay commissions due.This is mostly done to foreign nationals. We will be publishing all ill practising Training Providers soon.

  • Andre Keyter

    Hi David

    I cant see if you are a c.c. of company. But if you are not claim the money due via the small claims court. Start with an amount that is less the 7 thousand Rand. Expenses, traveling etc…

    Ask your local court registar to assist you with the forms or drop me a mail and I will send you a template Andre.keyter@keybs.co.za

  • Pamela Ruiters

    Providers we need these guys as much as they need us, so let’s be fair and do unto others what we want done unto us. How will you feel if you don’t get payment form the people that have to pay you? It takes more effort and energy to build a reputation than it is to break it.

  • Bianca - Anne P Moll


    These things happens in business and sometimes companies get court between two disagreeing parties. It is difficult. I have learned that not everyone, no matter how well  you know them, honor agreements and does let you down, making you look bad – my new approach is for myself is to get involved and not to trust and during the last weeks I have placed mechanisms in place to ensure better service delivery from our side, no matter which party does what.

    Regarding your issues, eina, I don’t really have suggestions since the Education and Training Industry has turned into a place where people does not have morals and it is difficult to get what is due to you.

    Bianca Moll (079 262 4870)