Essential Reading for all South Africans – Gift of the Givers in Verdwaal, Itsoseng, Lichtenberg


 22 November 2011

      As Salaamu Alaykum

Dear Recipients

It read like a story out of Somalia; surely this could not be South Africa, a country with organised central, provincial and local government, no civil war, no clan friction, no famine, a surplus of maize production earlier this year, a diverse media presence, unlimited access to technology, natural resources too numerous to quantify, a
resilient economy in spite of the European contagion; could it really be happening here, that four children die from starvation in a country which is the economic powerhouse of the African continent.

Something is seriously wrong; blaming the lack of contraception is adding insult to injury; a distraught mother, an impoverished community, lack of education, lack of opportunity, unemployment, all factors that could lead to a crisis, but certainly not to death given our budget for Social Development and our resources overall.  As a nation we all have failed; our morality, our spirituality, our inner being has to be in turmoil; these are OUR children, in OUR Africa, who died a preventable death in OUR presence.  This is extremely painful but moaning, blaming and
complaining equally is counter productive in the absence of an appropriate response.

South Africans have amply manifested their overwhelming spirit of Ubuntu not only for fellow Africans in Somalia
right till the present but for so many diverse causes on hundreds of occasions.  Gift of the Givers relief teams with R200 000 of emergency food items are already on their way to the community of Verdwaal, Itsoseng, Lichtenburg, in the North West province.  Food parcels and “wet” feeding may only be handouts but at this moment in time it
alleviates hunger, emotional and physical anguish and is life saving. This contribution is only an initial response to be followed up by a substantially larger comprehensive effort determined by the assessment of those initial teams. Collectively, as a nation we need to analyse what comprehensive, relevant sustainable programmes could be identified and implemented to change the lives of these people for the better, permanently.

Gift of the Givers invites South Africans to participate not only in this programme of hunger alleviation in Verdwaal
but to build a huge stockpile of non-perishable food items to respond to similar areas, of which many will probably come to light soon, throughout our country. We will accept food items in kind in any  quantity as we have warehouses to manage huge quantities of supplies. 

Cash contributions to be deposited into:

Gift of the Givers,

Standard Bank,


Account No. 052137228, Branch Code 057525. 
Please email or fax deposit slip for us to acknowledge your contribution. Those requiring tax deductible certificates to email

For more details on site Allauddin Sayed 0836677179 or call tollfree 0800786911 or

Imtiaz Sooliman
Cell: 0832364029

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Not what we give, But what we share, For the gift without the giver Is bare. James Russell Lowell

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