The Caribbean Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTN) and Villages as Businesses (VAB) partnership with a South African group has been endorsed by the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT)

Diana McIntyre-Pike, President, IIPT Caribbean Chapter, and partners in South Africa have established South African satellites of Countrystyle Community Tourism Network (CCTNSA) and of Villages as Businesses (VAB) with the endorsement of IIPT President Mr. Lou D’Amore.

CCTNSA has been established to conceptualize and implement strategies for Community Tourism in South Africa. The Jamaican Model has received world attention because of its practical successes. The Jamaican Model was presented at a recent UNESCO Meeting in Switzerland.

The South African partners of CCTN and VAB are planning a study tour to Jamaica from 13to 23 February 2012. This tour will consist of a 10-day fully packed itinerary to experience, explore and learn from the highly successful Jamaican Community Tourism business model.

Together, Diana, her Management Team from Jamaica and the South African team will work towards applying success factors from the Jamaican Community Tourism Model to a South African context and to conducting pilot projects in South Africa.

The South African partners believe that investing in communities and building on the uniqueness of natural culture will create economic opportunities.

South Africa and Jamaica will build relationships and share expertise in the best interest of communities in their countries.

The South African Management Team of CCTN and Villages as Businesses is thrilled to have partnered Diana McIntyre-Pike and her Caribbean Team. “We have followed the footsteps made by Jamaica and the Caribbean and we welcome this new partnership to make shared footprints in South Africa to contribute to our Government strategies to develop communities, create employment and contribute to economic development” says South Africa’s Nikki De Pina.

For more information on CCTNSA and the Study Tour to Jamaica, kindly contact Nikki at email: info@dixiebay.co.za

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