Hello Des, Congratulations on starting a really constructive, though sometimes heated debate. It is the “heated” part of the debate that I would like to pursue here. I believe we have all experienced losing your temper because of something that somebody wrote in an email when in actual fact the sender had no ill intentions. This is because all we have to go on is what we see on our monitors – no body language or tone of voice. And because we sometimes are suspicious of the motives of others and, perhaps, even feel a bit insecure, we come to the wrong and negative conclusions about the motives of the writer. When I started participating in the Skills Universe discussion I was actually impressed by the mature and positive manner in which people communicate. This has changed somewhat since then. Hennie Potgieter challenged me to state if I am willing to join an association of OD ETD providers or not, so I will state my stance here:

  1. I am willing to join any organisation that, in my opinion, can add value to the promotion of the interests of the South African community or at least a section of the community. I visited Marius Meyer at SABPP yesterday and found him to be a most pleasant person. We will in further cooperate and I will join the SABPP.
  2. I would gladly support any individual or group who has the knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and will to make a constructive contribution to the ETD environment.
  3. The Mentoring Network is doing just fine and I am happy to continue rendering a service to those who can benefit from what we have to offer.

In closing, I am a bit disappointed that the APPETD does not participate in your debate and I agree with you that they should tell us what they are doing for private providers, because the general perception is that they are not doing much, hence the need for yet another body. JPN

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