It’s that time of the year


Yes! Can you believe that another year has come and gone. Some of us have fulfilled our goals, while others are still procrastinating since the 03 January 2011.


The anxiety that many of us may feel during this period can become overwhelming. The feeling you get when you start seeing those christmas decorations appearing in the shopping windows. Your first thought would be EXPENSES naturally. Many of you wanna curl up in a ball and reappear when it is all over.


The gawling emotion you get just thinking of your workload and making sure you have enough TIME getting your work done before the festive season kicks in.

  • Planning staff parties.
  • Preparing training,marketing budgets for the new year.
  • Making provisions for your children(if you have any) starting school or even entering a new grade, both means new school gear/stationary etc.
  • Making provisions for your policy/insurance increases.


The fear of preparing for 2012. Entering the unknown. Can give you cause to feel anxious and unprepared.


Let’s take a deep breathe,  step back, Relook at your year gone. Pat yourself on the shoulder for SURVIVING the year. Forget about the anxiety and expenses and work, lets just FOCUS on some key points that are more important to our well being anyway:

– Time  (quality)

– Family

– Love

– Happiness

– Your Life

– Your Goals

– Fun

– Your spiritual well being

– Peace

– Joy


There are so many great inexpensive ways to survive the festive holidays with or without kids. I found this great link for you to view some wonderful  hot spots over the holidays. If you live in cape town or are coming down for a holiday.





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