Mentors are special 3

Mentors are special people. I say this due the mentoring many people myself as most facilitators and assessors end up playing this crucial role. We therefore find ourselves sharing information with mentees regarding business and further studies opportunities that may potentially set them up for life (so to speak) as we point them in the right direction. Remember that information is indeed power and some hold out on others while we as mentors gladly (but wisely) share this freely which leads to mentees having doors open for them that my never have opended otherwise. We are special people and don’t forget that you have a potentially life-changing role to play when referring people to important leads and opportunities. Jsut remind them to pay it back and do the same when they are in a good position…

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3 thoughts on “Mentors are special

  • Christine Botha

    Celestine, so many professionals will agree with you – it is such a joy and privilege to see mentees grow and reach their full potential.  Please read Wisdom from the Mentors edited by Marius Meyer of the SABPP (available from Knowledge Resources).  I salute all the great mentors I have had in my career!

  • Celestine Williams Post author

    Celestine Doty is a Senior Project Manager at Cyan Development Concepts based in Cape Town. We are an accredited organisation with the newly established CATHS-SETA and we are accredited for Arts and Culture Administration at NQF04 level and we are seeking our MOU with the new MICT-SETA for our NQF04 Design Foundation qualification.

  • Mags Johnson

    So true, I have been facilitating ABET for 8 years now and it is wonderful to be able to inspire and uplift people. It is a great and humbling privilage.There are so many people out there who need help in believing in themselves and gaining confidence and boosting self esteem. (before they can even start on carreers and growth in that line) Is there any organisation or company wich is out there that I could join and make a difference?