With so many assessments available it is sometimes difficult to identify the best way to Assess and Develop Leaders.  360People recomends and utilises the following methodologies:

  • Leaders of high performing companies face major challenges in successfully managing the impact of ongoing changes in the new economy. These changes are the result of new and different customer expectations, advances in technology, global competition, and different ways of conducting business. All of these trends are changing the patterns of working and demand that new skills and competencies be learnt. It has become a business reality that in order to remain competitive companies must function with fewer people, who contribute with increased effort and produce more in less time than before!
  •  Organisational leadership involves the authentic process and behaviour of influencing and inspiring people, while balancing the task and people aspects, and guiding all stakeholders through a collaborative process of establishing vision, formulating and implementing strategy, engaging and taking people with, to achieving
  • People make the difference: Quality leadership and the maximization of peoples’ potential are key factors in
    achieving and sustaining competitiveness in this changing business environment. A company’s competitive advantage is determined by the quality of its people’s added value creation in the form of innovation,
    continuous improvement and high levels of performance
  • People capability is key to business success: Identifying individual’s potential and transforming this into
    higher levels of competence over time is at the core of business success.
  • Customized solutions are key to identifying and valuing individual’s and groups potential and competence,
    ensuring that the solution is:
    • Aligned to business requirements;
    • Relevant to the assessment context (recruitment – selection; development performance; company change – merger/acquisition) at the individual, group and company level;
    • Based on the use of a range of tools and techniques;
    • Based on tailored assessment (Psychological: potential and competence);
    • Integrated with the manager’s/company’s performance, accountability and strategy.
    • Consists of the appropriate combinations of individual and group assessment tools and techniques. 
      These tools and techniques are best practice and comply with South African and international psychological assessment and equity legislation.

Karen Hardman can be contacted on khardman@nashuaisp.co.za with any comments or queries.



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  • Stan Pratt

    Hi Karen,
    With regard to your post on Adeles blog about developing public speaking skills.
    I have found Toastmasters International to be a great resource for developing Public Speaking skills for managers. Google Toastmaster they have contact details for SA chapters.
    They will also conduct a series of workshops to develop Speechcraft.