Is Your “NET” Working?

The internet provides as an easy to use platform. The prolific development of online businesses and social media has
resulted in so many business networking opportunities. With so many business networks, local, national and global, is it really hard to choose.

Some are only virtual and some include face to face meetings. Some are free, some requiring a small payment and others a larger payment. It’s mind boggling!


But, really is your “NET” … Working?

Are you making contacts or forming connections? The number of “Friends” or business cards you may have, do not imply a trusting business relationship. Or are you hanging in “Virtual” suspension? Visible to all without anyone actually seeing or listening to you?


Are you meeting the right people for the right reasons? Do you compliment rather than compete? Or is the food and/or the fun factor enough for you?


When I ask is your “Net” … Working, I ask you to consider:

  1. Time spent on networking – virtual or face to face?
  2. Other costs e.g. petrol or bandwidth?
  3. Membership or meeting fees payable?

Have you ever totaled these and worked out you “RONI” – return on networking investment?

It’s not how many referrals you get or the Rand value of invoices paid. Rather consider the net profit generated from business networking?


What I’m suggesting is a mini income statement:

Income – Expenses (including time spent) =Net Profit. 

Perhaps a marketing plan with a segmented and target marketing approach to business networking would yield a better return on time and money spent? Or would selecting fewer niched networks be more effective?  


Is your “Net” … Working?

What have “YOU “experienced?  What do “YOU” think?


Pearl Seigel is the “Main Woman” and a “Femmepreneur” at the Training Shop. Pearl holds a Masters Degree in Business Leadership (MBL), from the Graduate School of Business Leadership, University of South Africa. 

Her thesis was entitled Brand Symbolism: an exploratory study of the Proudly South African brand in selected suburbs of Pretoria. Branding, community values and South African national culture were explored.

Pearl’s work experience includes marketing, branding, communication, consulting, training, accountancy and auditing. She has worked in many different business environments in retail and service

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