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In a world where achievement is highly rated, how do individuals and businesses manage to stay motivated on their pathways to success?


My 6 steps to setting goals have been used successfully by many entrepreneurs and businesses.


Why is goal setting important? Without setting goals we tend to lack both focus and direction. By using mnemonics

(a technique for improving memory) as easy way of remembering and motivating myself … I see setting goals as:


G reat

O bjectives

A lways

L everage

S uccess


Some of my goals have been easier to achieve. Other goals have been a mixture of inspiration and perspiration …  or was it blood sweat and tears? Eish … not forgetting snot and trane? That said, I have personally succeeded in setting
and achieving those goals that were important to me and continue to set and achieve new goals.


Setting and achieving goals is something we all need to do in our personal, career and business lives. To achieve what’s important to us we need to know how to:

  1. Set goals
  2. Achieve goals
  3. Work on several goals at the same time
  4. Review and revise goals 

SMART, also a mnemonics (technique for improving memory) goal setting has been around for a long time; let’s take a look at what SMART stands for … 

S pecific – a goal must be well defined. No pie on the sky here!                                                                           

M easurable – if a goal is not measureable how will we know if we have succeeded?

A chievable – a goal that is not achievable sets us up for failure and frustration.

R elevant – the goal needs to work well within our industry or our ever changing world.

T ime bound – a goal without a starting and finishing date is a wish list!


An idea without intention is not a goal. Dreams even daydreams are right brain goal setting. The ability to move our dreams and ideas into action takes discipline and determination!


During many years of personal setting and achieving of short, medium and long term goals, I have developed a six step approach to setting and achieving goals.

6 Steps to Setting Goals

  1. Think – this sounds simple but part of the though process is to focus on key      objective and set priorities.
  2. Write – your goal down on paper, post-it notes or a whiteboard.
  3. See – put what you have written on your bathroom wall next to your tooth brush.
  4. Speak – share your goal with a friend, family member or colleague. Or work with a goal buddy!
  5. Incentivise – yourself along the way. As you achieve milestones or achieve a really challenging part of a goal acknowledge yourself.
  6. Reward – yourself! Buy something … not expensive, but something that you will see or use often to remind yourself  that you did in fact achieved your goal. When setting new or challenging goals in the future you may think …  I can’t do this  … look at your tangible reward and remind yourself what you have already achieved in the past.

Always remember that …  “Goals keep us motivated on our pathways to success”

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4 thoughts on “6 Steps to Setting Goals

  • Pearl Jenny Seigel Post author

    Thanks Linda so true … I often need to take backward steps. For the big picture I need to remind myself that although I can see it … I can take my time to achieve it!

  • hugo john

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