Education is Key To Skills Development

Investing in education is important for the country to succeed and is an integral facet of skills development. This was the overall message from the speakers at the first session of the of the BHP Billiton Skills Summit, the third of its kind that brings together a wide ranging group of individuals and organisations that are committed to not only development of South Africa’s skills base but to the South African economy in general.

The speakers identified the need to integrate higher education programmes with market related skills and to produce graduates that are multi-skilled and adaptable to economic changes.

Said Sindiswa Nhlumayo, Head of Secretariat Human Resources Development Council of South Africa, “If we are serious about making sure that South African workers and South Africa succeed, the single most important step is to make sure that everyone has the best education and skills that the world has to offer.  It is the number one thing we can do”.

The summit identified Education and Training is an economic issue of our time because we have more than 40% of youth who are not productively engaged (2.8 between 18 and 24 neither in employment nor in education and training. This translates to a huge wastage of human potential and a squandered opportunity for social and economic development

Johnny Dladla, VP Communications and External Relations at BHP Billiton SA, added that “the development of skills is critical to the future of South Africa. For us to be able to support the growing economy, create jobs and bridge poverty gaps, we need to come together, at every level,, to ensure that the people of this country are given the best possible keys to open the gateway to their future”.

Without continued investment in skills development, there can be no sustainable employment.

The summit will continue with a workshop looking into Workplace programmes as vehicles to tackle HIV& TB and will be concluded today.

{photo caption: Neva Makgetla, Deputy Director General, Department of Economic Development; Sindiswa Nhlumayo, Head of Secretariat: Human Resource Development Council of SA; Johnny Dladla, VP Communications and External Relations at BHP Billiton SA}

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