exploitation at FET College


I would like to post this blog anonymously if possible. This is for fear of victimization. But if you cannot post this anonymously then post if anyway.


Hi colleagues,

I am so frustrated at work that I do not know where to begin. The details are as follows: 

– In January 2009 we were interviewed for lecturing posts at an FET College in Durban. We were told that these would be permanent posts with benefits, but we would be council paid.

– On accepting the position we were told to report for duty in February 2009. We were only given letters of welcome but no conditions of service, etc.

– Three months later we were issued with 12 month contracts which we had to sign otherwise we would not get paid. We signed under duress.

– I wrote to the HR Manager and the Deputy Director stating that I had left a permanent job on the basis that I would be permanently employed at this college. The HR Manager requested for proof that I was permanently employed, which I duly submitted to him. However, nothing happened.

– We were informed that our positions would become permanent and would received benefits, viz. medical aid & provident fund. Nothing happened, despite also requesting the assistance of SADTU & NAPTOSA

– In February 2011 I was put on Medical Aid but not on provident fund. Some council paid staff were made permanent whilst others did not, including myself. I wrote to the Campus Manager & H.R. in May 2011 requesting reasons as to why my post was not converted to a permanent one. My matter was only attended to in August 2011. There again some staff we informed that they are now permanent whilst we were told that we would still be on contract and our contracts would be reviewed in November, 2011. Our contracts expire in January 2012.

I have a Masters Degree in Tourism, together with a teaching qualification and many years of lecturing and managerial experience. I mention this because there are staff that are permanently employed at our college with only N4 & N5. It seems that those staff that have a Degree are being victimized.

 We need answers to the following questions:

a)  After how many years can a person, employed on contract, be permanently employed? Is it after 1 year or 2 years, and if so, where can I access these facts in writing.

b) There are rumours spreading through the grapevine that all staff employed by the colleges will be transferred to the Dept. of Higher Education and will be paid by the said Department. However, NAPTOSA says that only staff that are paid on PERSAL will be transferred to the Dept. of Higher Education. WHAT ARE THE FACTS?

I am appealing to colleagues who are experienced and experts in HR to respond to these questions and suggest the route we should take to pursue this matter

kind regards,



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