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There is a person in every building and sometimes on every floor, who are always at work before you and always there after you. They are the best: they miss lunch to get more work done. They tell you stories of how they stayed up all night to fix a […]

Sleep your Way to the Top.

                                                                                          01 September 2011             Greetings of Peace Dear Recipients Gift of the Givers has just been granted permission to set up base, medical teams, equipment and supplies at Banadir Hospital, the largest hospital in Mogadishu where […]

Gift of the Givers to work out of Mogadishu’s largest ...

Article Source:Wendy Gertse The South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)   SAICA partners with four universities to support over 900 pupils and their teachers in Mathematics, English and Science   Johannesburg, Thursday 1 September 2011 – The Thuthuka Education Upliftment Fund (TEUF) has partnered with four SAICA-accredited universities throughout […]

Grade 12 learners given a helping hand for a better ...

Everyone everywhere gets in a real “TIZZ” when it comes closer to spring. Even the fashion industry is buzzing with new spring clothing lines in a selection of bright colours and floral design. What is the significance of spring to all other seasons? What makes Spring so profoundly more alive? […]

Why the big fuss, it’s only Spring