Qualify as an ODETD Practitioner by RPL assessment

Yes, you can qualify as an ODETD practitioner at NQF level 5, in full or in part, by means of RPL Assessment.

The cost of training has in many instances become prohibitive for many HR and Skills Development practitioners. But this does not have to be the case. Many of the practitioners and SDF’s I deal with have already gained a great deal of experience and workplace exposure that will go a long way in assisting them with RPL assessment.

The ODETD qualification at NQF level 5 has been developed in such a way as to develop skills in 5 key areas and roles while at the same time affording the practitioner an opportunity of specialising in one of four areas

1. Design and develop learning interventions
2. Facilitate learning
3. Design and conduct assessment
4. Facilitate skills development

In terms of latest legislation the development of skills within the workplace is a priority but many of the practitioners expected to impart such skills lack the necessary ETD skills to assist such learners.

So what learning must be in place and what RPL options are available?

If you wish to gain the National Certificate in ODETD at NQF Level 5 you must
Have expertise in the subject matter or occupation field in which you intend to provide education, training and development
You should hold a FET certificate or equivalent

The qualification however can be achieved by means of RPL assessment, in whole or in part in terms of the exit level outcomes related to the various unit standards. In addition evidence can be presented in a variety of formats. This evidence will be judged in terms of the principles of assessment.

In order to qualify there are certain rules that the assessor and practitioner must adhere to related to the credits to be achieved in terms of fundamental, core and elective components

The ODETD Programme has the following exit level outcomes which make the attainment of the qualification by means of RPL and integrated assessments more easily achieved and far more practical.
1. Communication in various ETD Settings
2. Design and develop learning programmes and processes
3. Facilitate and evaluate learning
4. Engage in and promote assessment practices
5. Provide support to learners and organisations
6. Conduct skills development facilitation

AMSI and ASSOCIATES cc and RPL Assessment

In order to comply with the assessment and moderation rules while at the same time taking care of the need to assess in terms of Critical Cross Field outcomes and associated unit standards AMSI has grouped the various unit standards so as to facilitate integration of assessment.
The required evidence of integration will be guided by the assessment criteria of each unit standard and the related assessment criteria.

We have therefore group the various unit standards under the following headings which allow for the achievement of a full or part qualification

Fundamental component – 10 credits
Assist, support and advise learners and institutions – 11 credits
Plan and Promote skills development – 13 credits
ODET development and design – 36 credits
Facilitate and evaluate learning – 30 credits
Promote assessment/Moderation practices – 25 credits

Total credits 125 required minimum credits is 120

In order to assist in the achievement of the qualification by means of RPL assessment we will offer a full support structure to the RPL Candidate. This will involve face to face contact, telephonic support and electronic support.
Initially the RPL candidate will be required to attend a one day workshop where registration of the RPL candidate will take place and the RPL process will be explained further. In addition the RPL candidate will undergo training on portfolio development. This workshop is compulsory for all candidates

Cost considerations
The cost of training for a full ODETD qualification has become prohibitive and many potential practitioners cannot afford these costs.

By undertaking the qualification by means of RPL Assessment the cost can be maintained at less than R10000. Each of the 6 stages outlined above have separate costs based on the credit value thereby affording the RPL candidate an opportunity of staggering payment to suit the candidates budget.

The RPL option will be made available in all provinces subject to demand.

For more information contact Des Squire
des@amsiand associates.co.za
082 800 9057

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