Do you want to study law at UCT? See if you qualify for this scholarship

UCT Faculty of Law  – LLB Endowment Scholarships


To mark 150 years of the teaching of law in South Africa, the Faculty of Law launched a fund raising campaign in 2008 under the umbrella ‘Towards Sustainable Justice.’ The funds raised are being used to attract talented black South Africans learners to study law at UCT.


The R40 000 pa applies to the five years of the combined degree ie BA/LLB,  BComm/LLB, BBusSc/LLB and BSocSc/LLB as well as for the four year LLLB.


If you choose the combined degree, you apply through the Humanities or Commerce Faculties and then, at registration in your first year, you indicate that you wish to be considered for the combined degree, the law major. Law courses start from your second year.


Remember, this is an application for the scholarship only. You must also apply to the University of Cape Town; Online applications,  Tel 021 650 2128

e mail Applications close on  before 30th September.

Click here for application form: UCT_LLB_Scholarships_Application_Forms_Aug_2011.doc  

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