1. 1.                  Description of the project

The Career Advice Services is a flagship project of the Minister of Higher Education and Training that plans to deliver services to citizens through a series of sub-projects, including:

1.   A radio campaign to reach 2.3 million people in rural areas via nine radio stations in nine African languages;

2.   A series of national and regional events, including the Mandela Day Career Guidance Festival and career exhibitions around the country;

3.   A telephone helpline to support learners, parents, teachers, career advisors and institutions – those with access to telephones or cell phones;

4.   Facebook & Twitter sites to engage the online community, enabling the wider public to engage with supporting career advice;

5.   A network of partner organisations or “Intermediaries” to help provide a network of career advisors and walk-in centres for learners in rural areas;

6.   Career Advice Toolkits (portable resource packs) and other printed materials are being produced and will be distributed to colleges and other partners;

7.   A Website – or “super portal” for career advice support to learners, parents, teachers and career advisors;

8.   A technology system to support Helpline staff (this includes the management of telephone calls, emails, SMSs, faxes, letters, FaceBook wall, etc.), data capture, knowledge management and monitoring and evaluation;

9.   Newspaper articles for career advice supplements as a part of the national campaign for Career Advice.


  1. 2.                  Timelines 


Initial information is required to be made available 30th August 2011 with update reports being provided monthly until the completion of the final report by 31 January 2012. 


3.         Details of the research needed


Develop an environmental scan and guideline document for Career Guidance in South Africa by conducting interviews with appropriate practitioners and experts and using information such as:

  • Public Policies and Career Development: A Framework for the Design of Career Information, Guidance and Counselling Services In Developing Countries (http://tinyurl.com/62ubofh).
  • Career Guidance – A handbook for policy makers (http://tinyurl.com/423wjo).
  • Career Guidance and Public Policy: Bridging the Gap (http://tinyurl.com/5t3vdk4).
  • The Role of Career Guidance in the Development of the National Qualifications Framework in South Africa (http://tinyurl.com/6hkqxfl)
  • Career Guidance, challenges and opportunities (http://tinyurl.com/6gqyz42).
  • Government documents such as NSDSIII, the New Growth Path, Jobs Fund, the National Skills Fund, the New SETA Landscape.


The report must describe how South Africa could organize, manage and provide information, guidance and counselling services, and what the perceived key challenges are facing the country to improve such services.  The research and recommendations must take into account existing services provided, and legislation, policy and overall procedures needed to implement a national service.


Evaluation Criteria


To be considered for this task, please provide a proposal that shows how you or your company will be able to provide these services; who the researchers are that may be called on to provide the services, and their CVs (include certification and experience). Please provide a maximum contract value for the tasks outlined in this document. A detailed log of time will be required for each invoice, which must be provided monthly for the duration of the contract up to the maximum value quoted.


The scorecard will consist of the following weightings:


Proposal to prove understanding of scope                                   30


CV’s submitted showing qualifications and experience   30


Price                                                                                       20


Equity                                                                                     20


Please complete attached equity form


4.         Deliverables


(1)               An initial outline of the study by 31 August 2011; monthly updated each month and a final report by 31 January 2012.


Closing Date


Please submit proposals to SAQA on or before 25 July 2011.


For more information, please forward email to Paul West:  pwest@saqa.co.za 

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