Labour Inspectors targetting security industry

The Department of Labour inspectors are to zoom into the private security industry next week to ensure compliance with all labour laws relevant to that sector.


The raid, which will take place from July 11 – 15, will see teams of inspectors clad in their new corporate uniform, meticulously going through company records, interviewing workers and management to ensure that nothing goes through the net in terms of sectoral determination for private security as well as health and safety compliance.


In terms of the law, employers in this industry must pay minimum wages listed according to job descriptions on the sectoral determination, which are increased annually in September.


They must also provide security officers, free of charge, with uniform, protective clothing and any ammunition tool or weapon required to use for self- defence or apprehension in line of duty.


The labour inspectors’ new uniform, together with their name tags, will ensure that they are identifiable when visiting workplaces for inspection and enforcement.


The corporate uniform will also reduce the blight of bogus inspectors, who pose as Department of Labour officials in workplaces with the aim of swindling employers. A BuaNews report

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