Do you also get so frustrated with people that do not reply to your e-mails?!


You try several times to get hold of the person on his/her phone, but the phone is just ringing.  You try switchboard, ‘No, mam, he must be somewhere, but he is not answering his phone.’ Then you try e-mail after e-mail after e-mail … still no response. 


Eventually you get hold of the person and then he is rude and/ or surprised that you e-mailed him so often!  Can’t the person reply and say that he will respond at a later stage and at least acknowledge your e-mail.


It is most of the time an urgent matter and you need the assistance or input of the other party to continue with your business.




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One thought on “E-MAIL COURTESY

  • Des Squire

    Hi Wilma

    Courtesy has been lost in many instances people do not care any longer. I agree with you totally.

    Do these people – who fail to acknowledge or respond to e-mails – not realise they are marketing their company in a negative manner. What I hate most is

    1. When I am asked to provide a quote, information, comment or whatever and when it is sent it is not acknowledged
    2. When I follow up on a request I have had and it is not responded to
    3. When i send out information requesting an up date to contact details and receive no response
    4. When I ask clients if they are happy to continue receiving unsolicited e-mails from me and they fail to respond
    5. People on Skills Universe who advertise for Assessors, Facilitators and so on and when you respond to them that is the last you hear 

    What never ceases to amaze me is that most of the people I correspond with are the HR managers, Training Managers, CEO’s or company Secretaries – makes one wonder about the qualiy of the company and the customer service they offer.