How long should it take to teach labour law skills? 1

Can you learn enough about labour law in a two-day course to be able to manage industrial relations in your company?

Bruno Bruniquel raises the issue this week in his article about industrial relations training in South Africa.  “The problem is that training specialists usually don’t know labour relations and most labour lawyers don’t know how to train. To make matters worse, unit standards relating to labour relations are poorly written and do not cover all the actual training needs”.

“There are a lot of providers who claim to be able to teach your people enough labour law to be able to maintain discipline and to successfully handle disciplinary and grievance hearings in a day or two. Don’t believe them. It cannot be done.”

“The net result is that much of the labour relations training on offer does not cover what line managers really need to know and do. While courses which just cover unit standard requirements can be done in a day they are so superficial that they are of little practical value.”

“Worse, instead of giving people the confidence to be able to handle the type of situations they are likely to encounter, this sort of training just serves to confuse and possibly make them consciously incompetent.”

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One thought on “How long should it take to teach labour law skills?

  • Bianca - Anne P Moll



    I will say at least a week on the basics but really not even University Grad’s know how to work with Labour Relations and disputes – everyone knows but like in ETQA, you have all these experts but mostly 2/4 does not know what they are talking about – 1/4 is implementing everything incorrect and the other 1/4 actually know what they are talking about and half of that 1/4 actually know how to implement. The same with Labour Law – the application is not as easy since we dealing with the human factor and Labour is suppose to be balanced between Employer and Employee. Recently a person with HR said to me that a HR person needs to “hate” peoploe – she actually in the end left without a valid resignation letter since she was incompetent in basic everything in the company she was working in. Labour Law have allot of principles that is only taught in practice. THEORY AND PRACTICE DOES NOT ALWAYS MEET. That is my feeling.