TENDER:Supervisory Development Programme

Enquiry No BST-1114/11 Supervisory Development Programme



Re Invitation to Tender for SOUTHGOLD EXPLORATION (PTY) LTD


Technical Enquiries                                         : Lenn van Niekerk (082 804 1302)       


Commercial Enquiries                                     : Trudie James (017 773 9257)                                     



Closing date                                                    :  14 July 2011; 16:00pm          



 Tenders must be in sealed envelopes and clearly marked with the tender number as reference. Tender to be placed in the following tender boxes.


Pls note: the tender box at the Burnstone Farm house has moved.  It is now situated at the gate to the Decline on the Mine and Great Basin Gold RSA (Pty) Ltd Sandton on or before the said time and date.


Tenders available on the website www.greatbasingold.co.za can be downloaded/uploaded from/to the site before the closing date. If the documentation is too large the manual procedure can still be used.


Please include an electronic copy on CD or flash drive if possible.





A complete company profile must accompany the tender document.




1.         Any Purchase Order/Contract placed as a result of your quotation will be subject to the   

General Conditions of Purchase as set out by Great Basin Gold, which is available on our web                    site.


2.         Best delivery times must be offered.


3.         Discount (Trade/Settlement), Value Added Tax (VAT) must be shown separately.


4.         Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to negotiate prices and any other commercial aspect after the closing date of the tender.


5.         Direct delivery intimates delivery being affected into the actual point of requirement and the cost to deliver must be included in your price(s).


6.         Delivery Dates:  Tenderers must furnish their actual delivery dates notwithstanding the delivery dates specified by Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd.


7.         Tenderers may offer an earlier validity date, but their quotation may, in that event, be disregarded for this reason.


8.         The right to select one or more quotations is reserved by Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd.



9.         Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender and reserves the right to accept tenders in full or part thereof.



10.        Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the contract price shall, inter alia, be deemed to include charges for transportation and taxes other than VAT.


11.        Kindly advise if not able to quote and state your reasons.


12.        Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd would like a tender validity of at least 60 days from the tender closing date.


13.        Preference will be given to Tenderers quoting fixed and firm prices for the duration of any resultant contract/order. A preferential procurement policy is in place reflecting government policy.


14.        Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd shall make payment of invoices on or before the last working day of the month following the month the invoice was furnished.  If the Supplier requires Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd to settle the account at an earlier stage a settlement discount will be agreed between Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd  and/or its representatives and the Supplier.


15.        The Contractor/Supplier, where applicable, shall:

15.1      Comply with all statutory requirements;

15.2      All induction, medical, transport and accommodation costs shall be for the  

             Contractor/Supplier’s account.


16.        All tenders must contain the fullest possible information regarding the products to be supplied, including technical literatures, SABS certificates, ISO or Risk Assessment documents where applicable.


17.        Personal canvassing or unsolicited interviews by or on behalf of any person or persons of any company proposing to submit a tender, is strictly prohibited and a tender from such a person or persons or company will be disallowed.


18.        The product(s) should at all times conform to requirements in terms of consistency and specifications.


19.        Tenders will not be opened publicly and all details will be treated with strict confidentiality.


20.        Bidders are required to submit their quotation strictly in accordance with the format and specifications of the Scope of work.



21.       All invoices to be made out to:


            Southgold Exploration (Pty) Ltd

            P.O.Box 78182



            South Africa


           VAT Reg No: 49001934777


           Should invoices be incorrectly submitted, a delay in payment will be realized.


           Any other additional information/recommendations must be supplied separately.



22.        Broad based black economic empowerment preferential procurement is in place reflecting the government policy.


23.        It is required that 10% of all unskilled labour used for any services / construction work rendered to Burnstone mine must be sourced locally. The Human Capital department will assist suppliers with the recruiting process.


Below please find supporting documents:







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