New Seta Landscape – Have you moved to a new Seta? 3

Has your company moved to one of the new Setas? How would you know? The list of SIC codes will give you the answer.

Today I was asked for help by someone who spoke to a bargaining council and 2 Setas and still couldn’t get a full comprehensive accurate answer.

it seems that not all employers are aware of the impact of the new Seta landscape – and the Setas aren’t necessarily much better informed. 

The “new” Setas consist of SIC (standard industry classification) codes, which means that if your company falls into a SIC code that has moved, your company has moved.  No inter-seta transfers are necessary, but you do need to confirm with your new Seta home, what their requirements are for submission of Annual Training Report and Workplace Skills Plan by 30 June 2011.  

For full listing of SIC codes, see attached file:


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3 thoughts on “New Seta Landscape – Have you moved to a new Seta?

  • Sylvia F. Hammond Post author

    After I posted this information, it became clear that many people are unaware of these Gazetted changes. This is my understanding of what usually happens with an Inter-Seta transfer, and what is different about the Gazetted change and what I understand should be happening.  If you have different information from a particular Seta, please add your information and the Seta name.

    Normally when companies believe that they’ve been placed in the wrong Seta, they do an Inter-Seta transfer.  If they’ve been participating and submitting ATRs & WSPs all the new receiving Seta needs to do is verify/obtain proof that the company made a submission by the previous 30 June from the old Seta. The next submission after their transfer is submitted to their new Seta.  SARS is aware of the transfer and sends the money to the new Seta, so levy refunds should continue from the first payout quarter in the new Seta.  If they haven’t been participating, then all they do is to submit their first WSP to the new receiving Seta.

    The transfers that have now taken place from 1 April 2011, as a result of this Gazetted change, are NOT viewed as an Inter-Seta Transfer in the normal sense, so where companies submitted an ATR/WSP report to the old Seta last year, they are now required to submit both the ATR and WSP to the new Seta this year.  Those companies that were not participating and did not submit an ATR/WSP report last year can simply start by submitting only a WSP to the new Seta this year.

  • Gill Connellan

    Hi Sylvia, we have been swamped with questions and queries on this situation. Thanks very much for clarifying. it is a very confusing time for business out there, especially when some of the SETAs are not answering their telephones in WSP submission month!