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With the date for the submission of WSP’s and ATR’s rapidly approaching many of the SETAS will be preparing plans for the implementation of the SMME voucher project for 2011 – assuming it happens this year..
As part of their Skills Development Programme directed at the SME and SMME sectors many of the SETAS have introduced what has become known as the voucher programme or project. In essence this is a web based training voucher project which in most instances runs from about June or July through to march of the following year.
SMMEs can apply on-line for funding for Skills Programme training. The payment for such training would be approved and vouchers would be issued to the SME/SMME who in turn uses the vouchers to pay pre-approved providers. If the SME does not have access to the internet then there will normally be a dedicated call centre number.
The project is made available to SMMEs (employing less than 150 employees on a permanent basis) in the specific industry related to a specific SETA.
Companies can apply to the various SETAS offering the voucher system for vouchers worth from R25000 per SME up to R100 000 in some cases. Each SETA will determine its own limit depending on funds available for the project. When all training has been successfully completed, and the voucher funds have been exhausted a SME may be permitted to apply for additional funding.
Courses offered and covered by the voucher funding is wide and ranges from ABET to technical and industry specific courses. Funding would normally be on a first come, first served basis.
Each company is responsible for making application for funding by means of the voucher system and each company should check the SETA web site for the launch of the Voucher projects which can commence any time from now.
I suggest you contact your SETA and ask to be advised of the launch of the project.
Many of the SETAs I currently deal with (HWSETA, MERSETA, TETA, Services, Ba and so on) will be funding SME’s by means of the voucher project. If you wish to send me your company and personal contact details I will keep you posted of developments and of the training we can offer
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