Presidential State Owned Enterprises Review Committee calls for public submissions

Skills-universe members represent all areas of our nation and like everyone else, we like to have our complaints about our public transport (lack of), energy (price of and reliability) and so on.  Now you are being asked by the Presidential Review Commission to make constructive suggestions. Of particular relevance to the skills-universe members is the second bullet point regarding human capital development and scarce skills. Remember they are our institutions, so submit your contributions, in person, or through an organised body, or if you want the skills universe to collate a contribution. 

The Presidential Review Committee (PRC) on State Owned Entities is calling on the public to make submissions which will contribute to the process of reviewing the SOEs in the country. 

The Review Committee led by the Chairperson, Ms Riah Phiyega is calling for individual South African citizens, Government Departments (national, provincial, and local government), State-Owned Entities, organised business, labour, political parties, civil society, professional bodies, educational institutions, and industry associations to make submissions which will input into the review process.

President Jacob Zuma established the PRC in response to the acknowledgement that there is a need to strengthen the role of SOEs to ensure that they respond to a clearly defined public mandate and support the developmental state aspirations of government.

 The broad objectives of the review are to:

  •  Review transformation and development aspects encompassing definition of what constitutes state owned entities and revisitation of the current classification. This shall also include contextualisation of the role of SOEs in a developmental state within a South African context balancing socio-economic, and political imperatives;
  •  Review the contribution of SOEs to human capital development with a particular reference to the development of scarce skills;
  • Propose viable shareholder and governance models for SOEs taking into account enabling legislative and regulatory framework. Review of reporting and accounting practices and standards accounting is scoped in.
  • Proposing sustainable SOE business models that strike a balance between commercial, developmental and shareholder objectives;
  • Propose appropriate strategic framework or policies on board recruitment, performance and remuneration.
  • Review collaboration between government Ministries and SOEs, as well as consider proposals for strategic management and operational effectiveness of SOEs.
  • Review of SOEs on matters relating to strategic importance, value creation, viability and funding aspects.

 The PRC has held seminars with domestic and international partners including consultations with SOEs, government departments and other role players and is now in a position to receive public submissions which will contribute to the successful completion of the report to the President. 


These submissions should address issues/challenges/distortions that are either broad or specific and relate to the area(s) of the role-players’ or stakeholders’ operations. Overall, the input should seek to address the following three key challenges:

1.     Are SOE(s) currently viable, effective, and adding value to development and transformation; and/or are they likely to in future? If not, what could be done, or what should be enhanced?

2.     Are the governance, ownership model, policy, and legislation appropriate to enable SOEs to be effective in their delivery? If not, how can it be improved?

3.     Is the mandate and agenda for SOEs clearly articulated and is there sufficient alignment with the State’s Development and Transformation Plans? If not, how can it be improved?


Submissions should reach the PRC on or before Friday, 31st  July 2011.

 NOTE: All information and documentation submitted will remain confidential and will be solely used by the PRC for the review process only.


Media Enquiries: Harold Maloka, Spokesperson Ministry in The Presidency @ 082 847 9799 or by email or

 PRC Submissions:

Public submissions: should be made in electronic Word format emailed to:

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 Postal Address:

Attention: Dr Udesh Pillay c/o PRC

       Human Sciences Research Council

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