QCTO documentation for comment – deadline 6 June 2011 1

To all members who may want to comment on the documentation issued by QCTO – deadline 6 June 2011 – and haven’t had time to go and locate all the documentation, I’ve attached here to assist you, with some additional relevant document on a presentation to professions by Minister Nzimande, and QCTO updates earlier in the year.

Please also refer to the discussions posted by Des Squires 

http://www.skills-universe.com/forum/topics/the-future-of-workplace-skills?xg_source=activity and

Johannes (Jaap Nel)


With these documents and these discussions, you should have everything you need to comment.  Remember if you’re unhappy with what is happening, and want to make a difference, you need to make specific reference to the documents, identify what you disagree with, and propose what should change or happen or how the document should be reworded. Just saying you’re unhappy will have no effect. 










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One thought on “QCTO documentation for comment – deadline 6 June 2011

  • Marina le Grange

    APPETD has requested its members to forward comments on these QCTO documents directly to their representative on the QCTO council, dr Marina le Grange. Thereby a strong consolidated voice can be heard. Hereby all Private Providers are invited to join in and send any inputs to marina@experttech.com until Monday 6 June at 12:00